A Generation is waiting, now is your time!

Want to reach the youth of your city?
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Every church wants to reach their local schools but many don’t know how. Students are intimidated. Leaders are discouraged. OVSM understands and has a solution. We are gaining ground in California, and want to see your church gain ground in your city. This is your time!

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Are you a Local Church?

Training and equipping the local church.

My Campus My Mission (MCMM) – the training arm of One Voice – provides step-by-step instructions for launching a dynamic student-led, church-fed campus ministry. Once trained, the OVSM Network will provide you with sermon notes, training videos, graphics files, and connection with other ministry leaders across the nation!

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Are you a Young Adult?

Register for OVX Training School!

You are invited to 4 months of training and activation into your passions, skills, and the culture of Jesus!
Join us for the OV Experience (OVX) in Pasadena, CA to be trained in the culture of Jesus and be sent out as a messenger to high school students all across the nation.

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Are you interested in OVSM?

Reaching the students of LA.

Through lunchtime gatherings, student discipleship, and school-wide events, hundreds of students are impacted weekly on some of LA's hardest campuses. If you would like to visit our headquarters or a student-led Jesus Club, please fill out the form, below!

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