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About One Voice About One Voice

Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation.

Established in



5000 FM 2862
Anna, TX 75409

+1 323.433.2363

Vision & Mission Vision & Mission

Vision: Saved, Discipled, and Sent. One Voice Student Missions exists to see students transformed by the good news of Jesus, empowered to walk out His lifestyle, and commissioned to impact all spheres of society.

Mission: Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation.

History History


One Voice Launches in California

An on-campus revival breaks out in Northern California when a local high school sees their lunchtime bible club grow from 6 students to over 600 in 4 weeks. This soon spread to other local high schools, with thousands of students gathering weekly to hear the Gospel.


Thousands Reached in L.A.

From 2013-2020, One Voice established its headquarters in greater Los Angeles. Thousands of students were impacted through Jesus Clubs in some of LA's hardest schools, proving nothing and nowhere is too hard for God.


One Voice Network Launches

One Voice began training pastors, leaders, and students in different areas across the USA in the Jesus Clubs model. The result, was a known launch of Jesus Clubs on 107 schools, with an estimated reach of 9,000-15,000 weekly.


Social & Gen Z for Jesus

With global shut downs, following the Covid-19 outbreak, at the prompting of 2 Gen Z students One Voice began to create and post Gospel content on social media. In a little over a year, One Voice's Jesus Clubs TIkTok page had grew to over 1 million followers, worldwide.

In June of 2020, One Voice hosted the "Gen Z For Jesus" livestream, seeing over 20,000 students stream in for a day of worship, prayer, and gospel proclaimation.

In August of 2020, One Voice relocated its headquarters from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas.


Global Impact

With the re-opening of schools, One Voice began to train students to reach their schools with an on-campus Jesus Club, Having a new, global social media following, One Voice began to train and resource students globally. To date, individuals who have been trained and committed to reaching their school reside in 77 countries.


Gen Z For Jesus Arena Event

September 2, 2022, One Voice in partnership with Upperroom and Lou Engel ministries hosted its first Gen Z For Jesus event in Frisco, TX.


Gen Z For Jesus Arena Event

September 9, 2023, One Voice in partnership with Upperroom and Lou Engel ministries hosted its second Gen Z For Jesus event in Los Angeles, CA.

Beliefs Beliefs

One Voice Student Missions embraces 10 Core Values and The Luasanne Covenant as our Statement of Faith.

For the complete list of Core Values and Statement of Faith please click here.

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