A Connect Day is a day committed to building connections with students, hence the name! Upon the request of the Jesus Club Student Leaders, Adult Volunteers will bring donuts to distribute during lunch. Together, Student Leaders and Adult Volunteers will pass out free donuts to students and take time to connect with students. Prior to the day of this event, this activity must be approved by the school through the Club’s Teacher Advisor.  


The purpose of Connect Day is to build connections with students outside of Jesus Club. We added this day to our model when we realized that we needed more time outside of Jesus Club for Student Leaders and Adult Volunteers to get to know students and to build a positive rapport with them. 


Ideally, Connect Days takes place the day before the Jesus Club Gathering. For example, if your Jesus Club Gathering is on Wednesday, then your Connect Day would be on Tuesday. Connect Days are the first component you will implement. We recommend you complete four weeks of Connect Days prior to having your first Jesus Club Gathering so that your Student Leaders and Adult Volunteers have time to build relationships with students prior to having a Jesus Club Gathering. You will continue with Connect Days each week throughout the year.  


  • Start a conversation by giving a compliment (ie. “I like your hair!”, “That’s a nice shirt, where’d you get it?”, “Cool shoes, bro!”). 
  • Ask questions and try to find some things you have in common. 
  • While passing out donuts, we encourage you to ask questions that engage conversation. You can ask any question, like “what is your name”, “what grade are you in?” or random questions like, “if you had a million dollars what would you buy?” 
  • A way to double the amount of donuts you have is to cut them in half before lunch starts. This is cost effective and will allow you to interact with more students. 
  • Smile – A friendly face makes friends faster! 
  • If you are approaching a group of students, look for the leader and introduce yourself to them first. We recommend this, because if you can win over the leader, you can win over their group. 
  • Make sure students are not late to class! If you are in a conversation with a student and you want to continue the conversation after the bell rings, walk them to class. 
  • If possible, pair up a Student Leader with an Adult Volunteer to walk around with a box of donuts together. Adult Volunteers should never be alone with students of the opposite sex in any type of conversation.  
  • Pick up trash on the campus after lunch. Aim to always leave places in better condition than when you arrive, as this is a great way to serve your campus!  


  • Work with your Adult Volunteers to coordinate dates as well as donut deals for Connect Days.  
  • Work with your Teacher Advisor, to get Connect Days approved by your school administration a few weeks before you are planning to start Connect Days. Remember, you will want to request that your Adult Volunteers are able to come on campus and bring donuts as you cannot leave class. 
  • Once you have Connect Days approved, work with your Adult Volunteers to confirm dates and donut orders.  
  • Pray with other Student Leaders before school or on your way to lunch that God would give you great connections with your classmates.  


  • Call the donut shop the day before your Connect Day to place your order. Make sure to request a non-profit and/or bulk discount to help with your annual budget!  
  • Always leave earlier than you think necessary to ensure you have adequate time to get to the donut shop and then to the school. You want to arrive at the school at least 30 minutes before lunch starts.  
  • Pray with the other Adult Volunteers before you arrive at the school. We recommend making this a habit for you and the Adult Volunteers. Praying in the car on the way to the school is a great time to do this.  
  • Do not exchange phone numbers with students. Have appropriate communication at appropriate hours with students.