Non-profit organizations that have received tax-exempt status (i.e. 501(c)(3)) can receive tax-deductible donations. This means that companies may be able to offer a discount or donation to your organization for a tax write off. 


  • Local Businesses 
  • Businesses owned or represented by members of your church 
  • Target: gift cards 
  • Trader Joe’s: food and/or gift cards 
  • Starbucks: coffee 
  • Home Depot: gift cards and/or store products 
  • Donut Shops: discounted and/or bulk order rates 
  • Krispy Kreme: Provides a discounted rate for “fundraising” (Krispy Kreme Application for Nonprofit Pricing (Link: You can apply for this option on their website and then follow up with your local store. 
  • Pizza Shops: May give a discount as well as not charge tax if you are a non-profit organization. Also, you can request foryour pizzas to be cut in additional pieces to make each pizza stretch a bit further for you. For example, we work with apizza chain in our area that cuts the pizza into 10 slices instead of the traditional 8 pieces. 


If you plan on asking for donations from a company, you need to contact the company representative, such as the store manager or Human Resources manager that can help you with this request. Call the store and ask for the person in charge of donations, be sure to get their contact information. such as their name, phone number, email address, and the best day/time to contact them. 


Donation requests work best when you provide the point of contact (mentioned above) and the company he/she represents ample time to process your request. We recommend reaching out at least 4 weeks before you need the donation as this allows time for you to follow up with the point of contact. It would be beneficial to reach out to more than one company, in case they are unable to donate or follow through. 


Your official ask must be done through a typed letter. You can email the letter or submit it in person to the main point of contact.  

This letter must contain the following:  

  • Organization logo 
  • 501(c)(3) number 
  • Brief description of your organization 
  • Date of event 
  • Brief description of your event 
  • Request for a specific donation/discount 


When you follow up, you may choose to call, email, or talk in person with your point of contact. You will want to remind them who you are and the donation you requested. Follow up should be no later than a week after your first point of contact. If they have approved your donation request, you will want to confirm the details of when you may pick up the donation. If they have declined your donation request, you will want to kindly thank them for their time and consideration and then you will want to reach out to other options. 


We can’t adequately stress the importance of gratitude in the fundraising process. Let your point of contact know how much you appreciated their help, even if they were not able to donate. This leaves open doors for future asks and leaves a positive impression with your main point of contact and their organization. Your “thank you” may come in many forms – an email or hand-written card. These expressions of gratitude may come from you alone or may also include your Student Leaders, as well. Feel free to include pictures (that do not show student faces) to allow them to see students benefiting from their generous donation.