How Ministries Can Reach Students During COVID-19 Shutdown

How Ministries Are Reaching Students During COVID-19 Shutdown

Benefits of Going Live On Instagram

Alright guys in this post we’re gonna explore the benefits and some pro-tips for using Instagram live whether you’re an IG live expert or you’ve never used it before. Let’s go ahead and jump in first with the benefits of going live on Instagram. 

IG live is a great way to boost interaction with your followers and increase engagements with students. It even helps reach a new audience. Research has shown that over 80% of users prefer videos over reading blogs like this (maybe next time we’ll do a video haha) and that videos get over 20% more interaction than normal posts so you’re bound to have more students interact when you do a live.

Live videos are also given priority in your followers’ newsfeeds and if they have notifications turned on they’ll receive a message alerting them that you are going live. IG live is also the mot interactive component of IG that there is so it’s an excellent way to build relationships with students and add a personal touch to your social media presence. 

If you have any questions about how to actually set up your first IG live or any of the settings on live check out this article:  

What to do Before You Go Live

Ok so you’ve seen the benefits and you’re ready to jump on and do a live, but wait. First let’s make sure you’re fully prepared. Nobody wants to get on a live and have no idea what to say or have an audience of just yourself and your cat.

Before you do an IG live you first want to decide the purpose of why you’re going live, who you’re wanting to reach, and what you’ll do while you’re broadcasting. You could do a Q&A session where you answer questions from followers, but that will require a little extra prep work as you’ll want to give them space on your story to ask the questions ahead of time.

You could have a special guest come on and be a part of your live- having them share or interviewing them. You could jump on and focus on interacting with the viewers that are on asking them questions and responding to their comments. Or there are endless other options your creative mind could design.

Whichever route you take you’ll definitely want to create a loose script so you have an idea of what you’ll say or do once you go live. It’s always best to have 100% of a plan and follow 80% of it than no plan at all!

Also, definitely promote in advance that you’ll be going live. You might be planning your IG live debut for weeks but if you don’t tell anyone on your feed or story it will be the IG world’s best kept secret and you might be alone streaming to yourself. So tell people when and where because you want them to tune in! And make sure you do it at a time when your audience is the most active on IG. High school students probably don’t care to tune in to a 6am livestream, but they might be a bit more interested in the early afternoon or evening.

Oh another tip- make sure you test your video before you officially go live. You’ll want to make sure your background isn’t distracting so people can focus on you and what you have to say. Make sure the audio is clear so they can hear you. You want that camera to be steady so they see you and don’t feel like they’re watching an earthquake. And make sure that video is well lit so they can see the beautiful colors of your face and that great outfit you’re planning on wearing.

Tips For Maximizing Your Interaction With Students

You’ve prepped and you’re ready to go live, now how about some tips for maximizing your interaction with students while you’re live? Like any gathering or party, there will be those who come late to your livestream, but rather than having to reintroduce yourself or the focus of your IG live you can pin the video’s title as soon as you start. That way anyone who joins immediately has content and can jump right in to where you’re at.

Make sure you engage with those who jump on! You can ask them questions, call them out by name as they join, whatever you want. Just don’t forget you have a live audience and they want to interact with you! You can switch your camera view around to switch things up and keep it exciting, you can invite people watching to join your live, and you can even mute comments by clicking the “X” next to someone’s name if they’re posting anything disruptive. But most of all, have fun and be yourself!

What To Do After You Go Live

When the video’s winding down and you’re ready to end, note that just because the broadcast is done you’re not quite finished yet. Make sure to save your video so you have it and you can even share it to you story so people can view it for 24 hours. You also want to take a screenshoot of the metrics for the call so you have record of how many people tuned in and can evaluate what type of live is most effective for your audience.

You should do a summary post or story to encourage people to turn on their notifications so they don’t miss the next one. You’ve gotta get the word out and tell people that there may be many IG lives out there right now, but yours is the one they don’t want to miss! And make sure to follow up with any dm’s you got!