KIDS encounter jesus through zoom bible study

Saying “Yes” to Jesus

On February 11, 2021, one of our Jesus Clubs team members, Chris, pressed “enter” for another day of his weekly student bible study through zoom. Each week he has seen the power of God take over their sessions. However, this specific session was even more pivotal than ever before. On that day, Chris decided to share about the love of Jesus and why He died on the cross for us. Quickly after, he felt a sense of urgency that the students wanted to give their lives to Jesus and follow Him. Boldly he asked them if that was true and two of the students responded that they had been feeling that in the moment. One being 11 and the other being 12, Chris led them through a salvation prayer and celebrated, as they publicly said “yes” to a lifetime of Jesus!

Experiencing Freedom

Shortly after, on February 17, after his TikTok live, Chris decided to ask students to send in testimonies of their personal encounters with Jesus from that week. During the live he spoke on the weight of unconfessed sin and then kids started to confess what they had been holding onto. One students talked about how after one of the zoom calls that week, he finally felt like he had a right view of the Fathers heart towards him and then he started to confess his 8 year addiction to porn and that this was his first time confessing it ever. Lastly, there was another student that reached out to him and shared that she had been raised as a Christian but stopped going to church as a kid. She went to a christian private school but was still far from Jesus and didn’t feel that she had a personal relationship with Him. During quarantine, she had an encounter with Jesus and she says, “he met [her] in [her] weakness.” Since then, she has been able to find a sense of accountability through the Jesus clubs and now even shares the bible daily to others. Her trust far God has drastically increased. (Read more in the photo below).

Let Us Keep Praying

Over the last few months, our team has collectively seen an outpouring of Gods presence through each individual zoom bible study and the Jesus Clubs bible study. Thank you for all of your prayer. Let us keep praying.


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