Medically Confirmed Healing on Tik Tok Live Church!

God is Moving Through Our Jesus Club Collaborators

Evangelist and Jesus Clubs Collaborator Shane Winnings has been hosting #TikTokChurch every Monday night, preaching the Gospel and praying with hundreds of thousands across the nation within the last eight months.  He has been a collaborator with The Jesus Clubs for two months now. On the 8th of February this year, Amorette Orosco joined Shane’s live with the hope for miraculous healing, she had massive cysts on both her ovaries. She had gone to see a doctor who advised her to come back for an oophorectomy, the surgical extraction of both her ovaries. Winnings prayed for complete healing in her ovaries during his live #TikTokChurch service. The following Monday (15th of February 2021) came for her surgery, and the doctors could not perform the operation because her ovaries were in PERFECT HEALTH! Jesus had healed her completely before having to go forth with the operation! 

God Will Use Any Means to Touch People

This is the God we serve. Jesus, the Son of God who healed the sick, raised the dead to life, healed the blind and the deaf. By way of Holy Spirit, Jesus is healing the sick across the world. Jesus Himself is showing up in bedrooms and encountering people through social media using obedient sons and daughters willings to say “yes.” 


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