Thank you so much for considering Brian Barcelona to speak at your event. He is truly honored to be invited. Before accepting your invitation, please fill out the following questionnaire. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).







Dress Code*
Are hats allowed?*


Will the service be video recorded or live streamed? If so, could you provide us a link so OVSM can promote it?* YesNo


Would you like to invite Marcela Barcelona (Brian's wife) to come minister as well?* YesNo


Would you like OV Music to come as well? If so, please fill out their booking form.* YesNo

*We encourage you to gather local youth groups and churches in your city as it is Brian’s heart to leave your city with a passion to reach their local high schools.
*We encourage your translator to watch several of Brian's sermons on youtube to become familiar with his style of preaching.


Brian does not travel alone, and requires that either his wife or assistant are accommodated for the trips.

I am able to cover the flight for a second traveler* YesNo


I am able to cover partial expenses for a second traveler* YesNo


Travel within 100 miles of Pasadena, CA:
1. We request that all gas expenses for transportation of Brian Barcelona and his team be covered.
2. Gas costs will be calculated based upon current fuel costs and mileage in the vehicle that will be driven.
3. These expenses will be clearly communicated once the booking request is accepted, and reimbursement for travel costs should be be made separate from Brian's honorarium.

Travel Beyond 100 miles of Pasadena, CA:
1. Brian only travels with “United Airlines” for mileage purposes.
2. We ask that an economy plus seat is provided on flights longer than 2 hours. (If this is an issue please let us know).
3. All flights will be purchased by Brian Barcelona. The ticket amount must be directly deposited to Brian Barcelona’s business account before he purchases the ticket. Upon request a receipt will be provided by one of Brian's assistants after booking the flight.
4. All travel reimbursements must be made payable to: "Every Campus Every Nation". We ask that any extra travel expenses be given to Brian on the day he speaks separate from the honorarium.
5. We ask that all travel costs such as....Flights, Lodging, Food, Gas (including the fuel for Brian's transportation to and from LAX), Car Rental (if needed) will be paid for.
LODGING: Brian Barcelona will not stay in a host home alone; his assistant or someone else must be traveling with him in order for him to stay in a home. If Brian is staying in a hotel we request that he be checked in prior to his arrival and the room key provided to him as soon as he arrives.
6. For international speaking engagements, we ask that Brian's phone expenses ($10/day) be covered.

Will accommodations and food be covered for Brian and anyone traveling with him?* YesNo


1. Brian does not have a set honorarium, but we do ask that you would be generous in giving. The honorarium may be given before or at the speaking engagement.
2.Checks for honorariums can be made payable to "Every Campus Every Nation" and must be given on the day of the speaking engagement.



***Unless Brian Barcelona is speaking multiple days, he will travel on the day of the event and would like to leave soon after to be with his family.***


Would your church like to reach a school with One Voice? YesNo
Can Brian promote and sell his book, "The Jesus Club"? Can his travel team set up a booth on a table? YesNo


For any questions please feel free to contact:
Maclain Boss (Administrative Assistant to Brian Barcelona)
Cell: (407) 430-9149

Jonathan Cano (Personal Assistant to Brian Barcelona)
Cell: (818) 233-5296

***If Brian has accepted your invitation and you no longer desire to proceed with the speaking engagement, please let us know 2 weeks prior to the date requested.