Student decides not to end his life

A Live That Changed A Life

On December 13th, one of our team members, Tim, was doing a TikTok live on his personal page preaching the Gospel and praying for people. At first, he did not feel the desire to go live that night, but he decided to be obedient to the voice of the Lord and do it.

There were about 100 people on the live, when a student who was just scrolling through the app found it, and decided to join. He opened up in the comment section about how he was thinking about committing suicide that night, so Tim started telling him about Jesus, but the student jumped off the live. Full of hope and faith for him, Tim tells the students still on the live to jump off, go to his profile and encourage him. About 30 people sent this student a direct message, and he decided to join the live once again.

The Power Of Encouraging Words

Once the student jumped on, Tim started preaching the Gospel and, with the rest of the students, also prayed for him. The live went on and it came to an end. Afterwards, the student left a comment on one of Tim’s posts from that same day, saying that he heard a voice telling him to not do it, and that he has people in his life who love him.


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