student deletes social media to focus on jesus

How a zoom call became a bible study

In October 2020, one of our One Voice team members, Bailey, passionately decided to start her own personal zoom bible study for women, inspired by the launch of the Jesus Clubs Bible study. During her first zoom, while speaking on Mary of Bethany, a student quickly unmuted her own computer and interjected by sharing how hurt she was by God and the church.

Being completely surprised by what was happening, Bailey took that as an opportunity to listen and to then encourage the student, showing the student how seen and heard she was. Afterwards, the other students took it as an opportunity to pray and encouraged her as well. After that day, she had not heard from the student again until a week later.

One week later, the student reached out again and requested to speak to Bailey personally. She opened up by sharing how she grew up as a pastor’s kid and felt wronged by many people in her life. In response, Bailey naturally shared advice from the bible, but quickly became discouraged, wondering if the student would really hear what she was saying.

Realizing that all she wanted was Jesus

On January 1st, 2021, the student finally reached back out to Bailey again. She expressed how she realized that she had been living to please the world. She suddenly had a deeper understanding of what it truly meant to follow Jesus for once and she did not want to compromise that any longer. She even developed a deeper desire to understand scripture and live by it, jumping into John and Philippians. The student even took it a step further by making a huge sacrifice for someone her age: deleting her social media. And this was done all through the power of Holy Spirit and with the “yes” of a passionate leader.

This is how God is moving through the Jesus Clubs

In conclusion, Bailey shared these powerful words about what is taking place through the Jesus Clubs: “These students are receiving Jesus, even when it seems hope is lost or everything you’re sharing isn’t hitting home. Jesus is strong enough and big enough to encounter even the hardest of hearts, and He does it in ways only He can. Jesus really convicted her, and has met her through His words of Life! Now, she has made up her mind & she’s never going back.”


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