Student gets baptized and starts preaching the gospel online

Jonathan is an 18 year-old student from Southern California. He does not come from a Christian household, being that his mom and dad practice two different religions, and for a period of his life, Jonathan even started doing drugs. Around a year ago, he gave his life to Jesus for the first time, but he fell back into sin.

A few months ago, at the end of the summer of 2020, Jonathan found the TikTok account of one of our collaborators, Joel Bomberger. Jonathan started to follow him and other Christian accounts that started popping up in his feed, and he felt so inspired and on fire for Jesus once again.

One night, Jonathan was on one of Joel’s TikTok livestreams, where he was pushing one of the text numbers we use to connect with the students. Jonathan felt the desire to re-dedicate his life to the Lord, so he texted the keyword “JC” to our number, and he connected with some members of our team.

Student Baptizes 12 Year-Old Brother

The Jesus Clubs reaches students on social media but desires to see them discipled and plugged into local churches and communities. They partnered with Joel and texted students in a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles promoting his weekly Zoom bible study. As students began to be discipled weekly, Joel took it a step farther, “what if we did in-person baptisms at the beach?”

Jonathan happened to live within that same exact area, so he joined the Zoom, and when the opportunity  of getting baptized is given to the students, he immediately felt a tug on his heart, and he signed up.
Jonathan is contacted by the team, so they set the date, and on December 11th of 2020, Jonathan got baptized at Huntington Beach, California.
But something unexpected happened. That day, Jonathan decided to invite his 12 year-old brother named Mario. They get picked up by some members of the team, and on the way to the beach Jonathan is sharing his story with them. As Mario listens quietly how his older brother testifies about Jesus and how He has gotten a hold of his life and heart, Mario starts getting convicted and the Holy Spirit starts doing His thing.
Right there, in the car, Mario gave his life to Jesus, and the team led him on a prayer to repent and accept Jesus into his heart.
Full of joy and newfound hope and faith, they all get to the beach, and after Jonathan gets baptized he turns around and has the opportunity to baptize his little brother. 
Heaven rejoiced that day, and now not only for one baptism, but for two, and one salvation. Now these two brothers get to look back at this day and remember the sweetness and goodness of the Lord, and how they got to experience such a beautiful moment together.


Jonathan Is Now a Jesus Club Ambassador Preaching To His Peers

Currently, Jonathan is following the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and is so on fire for Jesus. Inspired for what helped him re-dedicate his life to the Lord, he is now preaching the gospel on his personal TikTok account, and is now a Jesus Club ambassador.

Just like Jonathan, thousands of kids are getting reached daily with the gospel of Jesus Christ through The Jesus Clubs Influencer Team. We believe this model of reaching students on social media, connecting them to local discipleship, and inviting them to be a digital missionary with us, is the prototype for seeing students saved, discipled, and sent.


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