Have you felt like your life is purposeless or mundane lately? 

It’s so difficult for us that in the midst of so much crisis, all we can do is “stay at home.”  

During the lockdown in March, I felt the Lord tell me to read the story of Ruth.  

I made a short video on The Jesus Club Instagram during quarantine about what I felt the Lord taught me about being faithful in the mundane.  

But I’m realizing that as life picks back up again, it’s still easy to fall back into the same feeling of monotonous routine. Even with feeling busy, it can still be easy to feel purposeless, or unsure about what God is doing. 

But here’s what I realized as I read the story of Ruth: 

Ruth was faithful regardless of what that looked like. Ruth was faithful even when she thought nothing more would come from it than picking up grain.  

I don’t know what Ruth thought when she chose to go with Naomi, but I think she just wanted to be faithful and honor her.

I’ve learned that sometimes being faithful looks a lot like Ruth. Sometimes it looks a little bit pointless and we might not understand why God is asking us what He’s asking. But that’s the point of being obedient, isn’t it? If it made sense to us it wouldn’t be hard to be obedient, it would just be logical. 

The Lord had a plan for Ruth that was greater than she could have known. He knew she would end up working for Boaz.  

Have you read the story of Ruth? If you haven’t it’s a really short book of the Bible that I encourage you to go read! It’s about Ruth, who leaves everything behind to accompany her mother-in-law, Naomi, after the rest of their family dies. She was still young and she could’ve gone and restarted her life, but instead, she chooses to stay by the side of Naomi and travel to another land. 

When they get there, all she can do is pick grain. But God had seen her faithfulness to Naomi, and he had a plan for her even when she didn’t think there was a plan at all. The very place that she picked the grain was the field of Naomi’s guardian-redeemer, who in turn, had become Ruth’s guardian-redeemer. A guardian-redeemer was an influential distant relative who could help the family in times of need. 

He ended up having favor on Ruth and marrying her.  

We might read this and be amazed at how the story worked out, but imagine being Ruth, before she knew the end of the story. She must have been so discouraged, moving to a new land with only her mother-in-law after her husband had died. She had no money and no job, and yet the Lord saw her faithfulness and had a plan for her life.  

This story isn’t so much about a love story between Ruth and Boaz, but rather a love story between God and Ruth.  

It gives me peace to know that sometimes when I feel like my life is pointless in my perspective- which I felt often in quarantine, my true purpose is in my relationship with God.

He is speaking to us and doing something in the season we are in right now. He sees us now and he also sees us 50 years from now, and he isn’t concerned.  

When we are being faithful and obedient to God, it’s never in vain. He always has a plan for what’s to come. 

Looking back, I can already see the things the Lord was doing during the first few months of quarantine. And even though right now I don’t see what the Lord is doing, I have faith that in a few months, a year, 10 years, I’ll be able to look back and see what he was doing.