Pre-Launch is a student-led activity that takes the place of your Connect Day the week before your first Jesus Club Gathering. During Pre-Launch, Student Leaders and Adult Volunteers distribute snacks (for free) as well as flyers announcing the upcoming launch of Jesus Club. Some Pre-Launch foods include, but are not limited to: popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, Chick-Fil-A, etc. 


The purpose of Pre-Launch is to announce and promote that Jesus Club will be starting the following week, to build anticipation and excitement for Jesus Club, and to invite students to come to the Jesus Club Gathering. 


We recommend Student Leaders host their Pre-Launch after 4 weeks of Connect Days and the week prior to launching Jesus Club Gatherings. 


  •  Use tables to create stations for each food or snack item that will be distributed. For example, if you are giving away popcorn and snow cones, set up two stations for students to visit.  
  • Be interactive – host games, have a photo booth, have a student emcee and interact with peers on a microphone, and play music during the lunch period. 
  • Raffle gift cards – have students interact and enter into a free raffle. Let students know you will announce the winners at Jesus Club the following week and that to win, they must be present. (Make sure they write their first and last name as well as grade on the ticket portion you keep, so they don’t have to worry about keeping a ticket for a week!)  
  • Decorate your stations with balloons and posters, and don’t forget to have flyers announcing when and where the Jesus Club Gathering will take place.  


  • Get permission to hold your Pre-Launch activities. Work with your Teacher Advisor to complete all the necessary paper-work to have your activities approved. You will want to request that your Adult Volunteers can come on campus and bring the supplies for your activities and snacks you need. Remember to include non-food items in your request (i.e. sound system to play music and emcee activities, tables, etc.).  
  • Finalize and coordinate all the details ahead of time with your Teacher Advisor (i.e. confirm you will have access to power outlets for the speakers & popcorn machines, request any tables, tape, and other supplies).  
  • Confirm with your Adult Volunteers what has been approved or declined so you can plan and prepare together.  
  • Create and hang posters/signs around your campus announcing when and where your Jesus Club Gathering will take place. You can request that Adult Volunteers print posters for you and/or you can create handmade posters. 
  • Have flyers prepared with all the details of your Jesus Club Gathering to distribute to your peers at the Pre-Launch. You can make this by hand or request that Adult Volunteers have flyers printed for you.  


  • Confirm that Student Leaders have posters and signs hung around the campus with the information of when and where the Jesus Club Gathering will be. You may print posters for them, if they request.  
  • Meet with the other Adult Volunteers before lunch and review the standards for student interaction (i.e. fist bumps and high-fives instead of hugs, do not lay hands on students during prayer, etc.), as well as rules the school has set for you.  
  • Pray before you arrive at the school.  
  • Confirm that Student Leaders have flyers to distribute to their peers with the information of when and where the Jesus Club Gathering will take place. You may print flyers for them, if they request.  
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for Adult Volunteers.  
  • Confirm with Student Leaders and Teacher Advisor that everything you are bringing and all activities have been approved by the school. Also, be detailed and ensure no planning details have been overlooked (i.e. confirm there are outlets nearby activities, bring paper towels and cleaning spray for tables, pack gloves for food distribution, etc.). 
  • Arrive at the school an hour before lunch starts, to set up and prepare for your Student Leaders to carry out Pre-Launch activities.  
  • Come ready to have fun with Student Leaders as you support their desire to build connections with students and invite students to come to Jesus Club!  
  • Encourage Student Leaders to invite their peers to Jesus Club!